Random Collage!

The life and the love. Sucks.

Sometimes it’s ironic: I spent months trying to avoid someone comes and takes ownership of my head, in the least neglect seize even my life. I could not believe. There is one thing, just one thing I hate more than to stay still before destruction, and witness it again and again, and again.
      I do not understand why things happen when you least want. Why when I swear not to give anything else or someone reinstalled as the center and focus of my life, always, always comes a person changes everything. And for some reason, arrives to shake some neurons, and then leave.
      And although he has not searched, he had not even had the desire to avoid it. For the moment I had realized that, it was too late ... I looked already writing his name in every possible place to do it, or naming most of the day. And although he would have prayed to a nonexistent god not know, I knew what was happening. Leave vu.
      So the only question left to do / was me what people do, or rather, what had he done to idiotizarme that. But my answer is another question: Why did he not realize?
      This time could accept it all, you could pretend that nothing happened. I could play, as always, to be strong. Maybe because I was never close enough to walk away, or maybe because I never got to lose. But anyway, I swear I do not care. 30% of the things for which I am proud, this would be something I will never erase. If I had the opportunity to return to ten months back and change my story, I swear I would have chosen to follow the same path. Having the same mistakes, maybe correct some imperfections; but certainly would know and would lose his head. Would do everything I did and then have the courage to let go.
      With radical changes, its maddening voice and macho attitudes .. with their indecision, with that rare feature fan to the carousel, with its bipolar look. With all that is, and has, had managed to back me see my flaws, as if I had never noticed: I’m hysterical, manic, perfectionist, annoyed, persecuted, totally over-exaggerated lover-belong-up often unintelligible. And though he did not make, already knew all this. I knew long before she met me. I wanted to warn you that it was not the best suitor, but there was no time. And at last he did, I’m here, writing this story as if it really could relate.